The Drawer component is a panel that slides out from the edge of the screen. It can be useful when you need users to complete a task or view some details without leaving the current page.

import {
} from '@chakra-ui/vue';


Basic Drawer#

Drawer placement#

The Drawer can appear from any edge of the screen. Pass the placement prop and set it to top, right, bottom, or left.

Editable Example
      <c-radio value="top">Top</c-radio>
      <c-radio value="right">Right</c-radio>
      <c-radio value="bottom">Bottom</c-radio>
      <c-radio value="left">Left</c-radio>

    <c-button @click="isOpen =true">Open</c-button>

    <c-drawer :placement="placement" :on-close="close" :isOpen="isOpen">
      <c-drawer-overlay />
        <c-drawer-header borderBottomWidth="1px">Basic Drawer</c-drawer-header>
          <p>Some contents...</p>
          <p>Some contents...</p>
          <p>Some contents...</p>

  export default {
    data () {
      return {
        isOpen: false,
        placement: 'right'
    methods: {
      setPlacement(value) {
        this.placement = value
      close () {
        this.isOpen = false

Focus on specific element#

When a form is in the drawer, you might need to set focus on a specific element when the drawer opens. Pass the initialFocusRef prop.

Without the initialFocusRef prop, the drawer will set focus on the first focusable element when it opens.


  • When opening the Drawer, focus is trapped inside the CDrawer.
  • By default, the drawer sets focus on the first focusable element. If the initialFocusRef prop is passed, the drawer sets focus on the element with the assigned ref.
  • After the CDrawer closes, it'll return focus to the element that triggered it.


CDrawer Props#

CDrawer composes the CModal component with these extra props. So all Modal props apply here. See Modal component for list of props

isFullHeightbooleanfalseIf true and placement is set to top or bottom, the drawer fills the height of the viewport.
placementleft, right, top, bottomrightThe ref to the initial element to receive focus when the drawer opens.

Other components#

  • CDrawerOverlay, CDrawerFooter, CDrawerHeader and CDrawerBody composes CBox component
  • CDrawerCloseButton composes CCloseButton

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